Wednesday, June 21, 2017

7 Useful Mobile Apps for Stay at Home Moms

At this day and age, people are always on their phones and laptops. We used these gadgets to communicate and for entertainment. But it can also be very useful for Stay at Home Moms. With the right applications, we can use our phones to help us with our everyday lives.

Here are 7 Useful Mobile Apps for Stay at Home Mom

#1 Youtube (Free app)

I know this is a common app that probably everyone has on their phones and gadgets. But this app is really important for a SAHM(Stay At Home Mom). Personally, my reason is that this app can really literally keep a mom sane. I'm not kidding you. Seriously, I get things done in my home with the help of Youtube.

Whenever I feel very lazy to clean the house, organize and lazy in general, I just search for videos where people show you how they clean and organize their houses, how they manage their finances, how they manage their time, how to do everything. You can find anything on youtube if you can think it, those have a video for it. So I just search for those videos while I'm just lazily sitting or laying around the house and then 'poof' I suddenly feel motivated to clean my home or start budgeting, etc. Sometimes I play music videos too, But that happens occasionally. I'm really into those cleaning and organizing videos.

#2 Pinterest (Free app)
This app has the same benefits as youtube, the only difference really is, Youtube plays videos while Pinterest has pictures and blogs. But they benefit me the same way. So, this was a short explanation, but I really don't want to repeat myself. lol. I'm sure you get it.

#3 Listonic (Free app for Android and iPhone)
This is a very helpful app for budgeting and making lists. I mainly use this app for my grocery list because this app can calculate everything on my list. I don't need to bring a calculator with me or exit this app to use the calculator on my phone. What you do is, list down everything you need for groceries and then add the price per piece of each item and how many of that item you're going to buy. You are going to do this on everything on your list. Whenever you put an item in your cart, you have to check it off your list and the app will automatically calculate how much everything on your cart costs. Pretty neat, right?

#4 My Calendar (Free app for Android and iPhone)
This is a very important app. This is not your regular calendar. This is a calendar where you can monitor your period or menstrual cycle. This also shows your fertility days and ovulation day. So that's very helpful when you're trying to get pregnant or avoiding getting pregnant. Goes both ways, really. But this is not just for SAHM, this is for everyone as long as your a girl. lol

#5 My Fitness Pal (Free app for Android and iPhone)
Staying fit is really important. You don't neglect your health just because you're already a mom. That's not an excuse. Staying fit is not just for being a hot momma, it's also beneficial for your health and in the long run, can benefit everyone in the family. Because moms take care of everyone, and I mean everyone and to be able to do that, we must be healthy and fit. So comes this app. You can track your calorie intake by logging in every single thing you ate for the day and record your exercises.

It tells you how many calories you have consumed and how much is left at the end of the day. You can track your progress and the app gives you weight predictions when you submit your daily calorie intake report. When you record an exercise that you did that day, It also counts the calories you burned and subtract that from your intake.

This app also suggests healthy food recipes and fitness blogs and you can also track your steps. So really, this is an overall fitness app.

#6 Cozi (Free to download but it has some features that only Gold users can access)
This is an app where you can input anything from a grocery list, Upcoming events, To do lists, Reminders for anything you need a reminder of, etc. Although I don't use this for my grocery list because I already use my Listonic app for that and this doesn't calculate the list. I use this for events and homework reminders for my son's school and for my daily to-do lists.

The app also has a recipes section and a journal section where you can jot down those important things that happened in your day. This has a lot more features if you're a gold user(Gold means you paid for the app). But I'm contented with the feature I am using right now and I don't think I will be needing those paid features anyway.

#7 Wunderlist (Free app for Android and iPhone)
This is another listing app. You can create any lists with this app and categorize them. I mainly use this for my budgeting, movies to watch, family wishlist and bills list. This does not calculate the prices as well. But it is a good app for check listing. This was what I was using for my grocery list before I discovered Listonic.

You may have noticed that I have a lot of apps for listing. I just like making lists and it's so fun and useful in my everyday life. It makes my life a bit easier since I don't have to write everything down on a piece of paper and then throw it away after. And I feel like I'm helping to save the environment this way because I don't have to waste paper.

So there you have it. The 7 useful apps for stay at home moms that helps make life a bit fun and easy. Let me know if you've tried any of these apps yourself and please comment down below if you have an app that you can also suggest that will be useful for moms and everyone.

PS: I did not provide any link for downloading, I just provided the logo of each app for you to find them easily in your app stores. This is not a sponsored post. I just really love these apps and they have been very useful for me that is why I decided to make an article about them. You can find them on your phones Play/App Store.


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