Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spider Puff Cleanser Review and Demo

For those of us who love makeup and enjoy putting it on, It is very important that we remove it as well. As much as it can make us look beautiful and make us feel confident, It can also do a lot of damage to our skin. Cosmetic products have some ingredients that are very harmful when you leave it on your skin for a very long time, Not to mention all the dirt and pollution that we encounter on a day to day basis. That's why we should cleanse our face and let our skin breathe regularly.

The Spider Puff Cleanser not only thoroughly cleanses your face, it also removes makeup, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin with its "spider web" type puff. 

It has all natural ingredients that take care of your skin. It's really an all in one product that is convenient and travel-friendly. (This photo is from their website)

It is very easy to use and can remove makeup that is rather hard to remove with just a normal cleanser. 

 Here are some of the makeup products that I find hard to remove with my regular cleanser. Heads up: The toughest one to remove is the Matte in Detail lippy.

To use, massage the sponge gently on your skin.

The final result. As you can see, the Spider Puff Cleanser removed most of the makeup that again, is hard to remove. But, nobody's perfect and such can be said to skincare products as well. A tiny bit of the lippy still remains. But we can't deny how it removed the most amount of product.

I really like this product. It has a lot of skin benefits and it does everything that usually three products do for me. The puff itself is so soft and it feels so good on the skin. It also has a nice scent to it that is not overwhelming and not bothersome. Although it only has 65mL of product, you can still use it for a long time because a small amount is enough to cleanse the whole face.

Price: Php1299
Content: 65mL
Where to buy:


- All in one product
- convenient and easy to use
- travel-friendly
- effectively cleanses the face
- Removes makeup and dirt
- Not drying
- Smells nice
- Very useful puff cleanser (Can be replaced)
- Uses naturally extracted ingredients


- A little expensive (But worth it)
- Not widely available

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